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Listening Problems ?
  1. The schedule says that the event should have started, but all I get is someone telling me that it has not.  What is happening?

    All of our broadcasts are produced by people in the field at the games.  They are not employees of EZStream, but rather schools, radio stations, and other individuals that are using our services to broadcast.  Many things happen which can affect the start of a broadcast.  Examples are weather conditions at the site, Internet connection problems at the site,  and things like that.  These things are out of EZStream's control.

    Usually, the broadcasters on site are working on the problem and the broadcast will start soon.  You should close your Windows Media Player and try again in a little while.  Please note that the program will not start automatically if you leave your Windows Media Player open. When the event does go live, you will see a small speaker icon flashing on the broadcast schedule.

    Sometimes, our broadcasters never get a live connection even though they expected one.  In those cases, they usually record the event offline and upload it later that night, or the next day, so that you can listen to the archive.

  2. I am on a Mac and having trouble getting the stream to play.  What is the problem?

    If you are on a Mac and you either cannot hear anything or you may be able to hear the broadcast intro but not the broadcast, the problem is that your Quicktime player does not support the codec being used to encode the broadcast for streaming.

    The solution to this is to install the Flip4Mac® plugin for your Quicktime player. Installing this will enable your player to play windows media format files. To download the free Flip4Mac® plugin, go to flip4mac.

  3. My computer has Windows installed on it.  However, I can not get the stream to play.  Can you help?

    You might not have a correct version of Windows Media Player installed. Microsoft's Media Player is Version 10.  Depending on which version of Windows you are running, you should upgrade to either Version 9 or Version 10.

    You can determine your Windows Media Player version by starting the player from the Windows "Start" button, and then clicking Windows Media Player from the program listing.  Then click "Help" and "About" from the menu.

    Click here to for more information and to download new players.

  4. I know I have Windows Media Player on my system, but I'm getting weird errors like "can't open the file" or the like?  Any ideas?

    Open the Windows Media Player from the start menu.  Click "Tools/Options/File Types", and make sure that the "asx", "wma", "wmv" file types are selected.  If not, select them and try again.

  5. I'm certain that I have a good Windows Media Player setup, but I still can't get the stream to play. I'm stumped. What should I do?

    Make sure your Windows Volume is turned up and not muted.  Can you hear anything?  Most Windows-based computers come with sample music in the "My Documents\My Audio\Sample Music" folder.  Try opening the sample music.  Can you hear that?

    If not, check the volume controls on your external speakers.  Check that they are connected and powered up properly.

    Lastly, check the "Mute" button on your Windows Volume Controls.  To access this, click the Windows "Volume" control from the taskbar system tray (usually near your desktop clock) and make sure that "Mute" is not selected.

  6. I have Windows Media Player and I did all the above.  My Media Player usually works fine.  I know for a fact that the broadcast has started but I still can't get it to play.  It still doesn't work. Any final ideas?

    With Windows Media Player, occasionally the player does not automatically download the necessary codecs for the broadcast. In order to fix this, you must set Windows Media Player to " automatically download codecs".

    Open the Windows Media Player from the start menu.  Click "Tools/Options/Player", and make sure that the box, "Download Codecs Automatically", is checked. Restart Windows Media Player, and attempt to open the broadcast again.

    If the option to download codecs automatically is not available, or you still cannot play the file, we can try one last thing.  Click here to download and install the ACELP codec (see item #1 above) for the broadcast.  On Windows XP, you may notice the information bar blocking the download.   If this happens, select, "Allow Download" and continue from there. Once the install is completed, you hopefully should be able to listen to the broadcast.


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